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Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants and Baggy Pants for Girls

Ready to revolutionise your wardrobe and elevate your dance experience? Dive into our collection of baggy pants and cargo pants for girls, where fashion meets function. 



From versatile styles to innovative materials made to help you move, our utility pants are meticulously crafted to not only elevate your aesthetic but also enhance your performance. Let our range redefine the way you experience both fashion and dance. Every step is met with both grace and practicality....

Discover the Cargo Dance Pants Collection 

Rock the dance floor in our cargo dance pants! These bring together style and comfort for dancers like you. They're versatile, trendy, and a must-have for your wardrobe. Let's dance with confidence and flair. Browse the range today. 

Cargo Pants for Girls 

Attention, young dancers! Elevate your style with our cargo pants for girls – the ultimate choice for making a statement on the dance floor. Dive into trendy designs that infuse youthful flair, guaranteeing a perfect blend of comfort and fashion for every move. 

Express your unique style through these must-have cargo pants for teen girls. Our teen cargo pants are the perfect answer for those seeking fashionable dancewear. It's time to express yourself with baggy pants that match your vibrant personality and bring a trendy edge to your moves. 

Cargo Trackpants to Move Freely, Dance Boldly 

Get ready to unleash your bold dance moves with our cargo trackpants! Designed to strike the perfect balance between flexibility and style, trackpants are your go-to choice for perfecting routines or hitting the dance studio. 

Experience comfort and ease of movement, ensuring you move freely and comfortably every step of the way. Pair with our range of hoodies and urban wear to complete the look.  

Kick Back in Oversize Trackies 

Designed for those who appreciate a looser fit, our oversize trackies add an element of ease to your dance routine. Embrace a relaxed look and let loose and express yourself on the dance floor in our baggy track pants that bring a perfect blend of comfort and laid-back flair. 

Shop Urban Pants as Part of the Cargo Revolution 

Level up your dance experience at CosiG Studiowear with our cargo pants that empower you to move with confidence. Unleash your inner mover and shaker and conquer the dance floor in ladies cargo pants designed for the ultimate in movement and fashion.

Get ready to show off your unique vibe and confidence, making every routine a showcase of your personality. Let's hit the dance floor and shine in cargo pants designed for comfort and trendsetting style. For more information on any of our designs, get in touch with our team today. We’re here to assist you.

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