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Step Out with Dance Spats

Spats add some serious style to your performance. Perfect for jazz, broadway or tap routines, these lycra boots are worn over your shoes to make it look like you’re wearing boots. They’re the perfect way to accessorise your costumes and cover up bare legs. ...

Our range caters to all styles and costume needs. Choose from knee-high or over-the-knee, with a range of sizes for kids and adults. Browse our collection now, where you will find the perfect pair for your next routine or concert.

Make a Statement with Boot Spats for Dance

Dance spats are the ultimate dance accessory – stylish and functional, all rolled into one. They are available in a selection of sizes, so whatever you need, we have the perfect pair waiting to make your next routine epic.

  • Kids: Introduce your little one to our comfortable, stylish spats. Available in knee high or thigh high, these are a great addition to costumes.
  • Adults: Our adult-sized boot spats create a sleek, stylish look to enhance your performance .

Whether you're just starting your dance journey or a seasoned professional , we have the perfect pair of boot spats waiting for you. Browse our range today.

Get Creative with Black Dance Spats

Black dance spats are the perfect addition to any dance costume. Here's how they can elevate your performance:

  • Enhanced Leg Line: Create a sleek, elongated appearance, visually extending the leg line for a more polished look.
  • Costume Versatility: Spats are ideal for complementing a variety of performance costumes, and can be worn over tights or stockings.
  • Comfortable Coverage: Our boot spats offer coverage for your shins and knees, especially during energetic styles like jazz and tap.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Our selection is typically available in two main lengths: knee-high and thigh-high. Here's how to choose the right length for your needs:

  • Knee-High: A versatile option for various performance styles, knee-highs offer support and coverage without restricting movement. They work well over jazz shoes, tap shoes, and chorus shoes.
  • Thigh-High: Worn over the knee, our thigh-high spats make for a striking appearance. Made with lycra, thigh-high spats make it look like you’re wearing boots, but with the comfort and flexibility of lycra.

The Versatility of Dance Spats

While spats shoes are generally used for dance, their versatility extends to other areas. They can also add a touch of character and style to cosplay costumes or theatrical productions.

Whatever you need for your next routine, we’ve got you covered at CosiG. Need further tips or advice? Reach out and contact us today.

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